The Education Food Fight: Save A Level Food Tech – by Megan Owen

We need to stop this from happening. I didn’t do A Level food tech, but I really wish I had.

The Nutrition Program Blog

This blog page has been written by Megan Owen, Head of Food Technology in response to the Government’s decision (16/7/2015) to stop teaching food at A level. @TeachFoodTech


Food Technology was always my favourite subject in secondary school. Being able to work creatively each week with a varying array of ingredients to skilfully make a range of products that I could proudly take home to impress my family with was both motivating and rewarding. Food lessons were my form of escapism; somewhere I could go to explore a growing passion, somewhere I could thrive and be myself, and somewhere I could clearly see the progress I was making through my increasing level of confidence, competence and independence within the kitchen.

When I chose my A Level options at 16, I, like many, was unsure of my future career path. I therefore opted for subjects that I enjoyed and had a…

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