My name is Ian Morecroft and I have been teaching since I was 22 years old. I reflect on all areas of my own experiences in and out of school both, positive and negative.  I have limited management experience , however my recent experience of leadership has made me determined to become a leader of my own school in the future… I know not every teacher would wish for the responsibility, but I feel in spite of the obvious difficulties this would be both fruitful and rewarding.


I owe a lot to all the colleagues that I have worked with since 2003 and those I interact with (most recently) via Twitter. Teachers out there who ‘do not tweet’ or read co-colleague blogs up and down the country; you are really missing out… Like most ideas that evolve in education, the revolution is a small snowball-effect that will gradually en-capture the masses.

I have been active with Twitter since May 2009. Not long really, but in terms of people out there, it was relatively early. My most famous twitter account is @DTtoolkit, which I created in January 2013 having been inspired by @TeacherToolkit.

I have been asked to summarise my philosophy on teaching… Unless you really think hard about this and what and why you teach, it can be quite a difficult concept to put into words. I will come back to edit this later. Below is my experience to date:

Ecclesfield School:

Teacher of Technology, Head of Year, e-learning champion from September 2009 – to present, responsible for:

Teaching and Learning
Initial Teacher Training
MLE development
350 students, 12 tutors, 2 support staff

I arrived at Ecclesfield in a time of transition. I am grateful to my previous line manager and head for giving me the opportunity to work in such a fantastic school. I feel incredibly lucky to be working with a group of hard working individuals not only within my department, but across the school. I am currently enjoying every single day…

Parkwood High School (Parkwood Academy):
Teacher of Technology from July 2005– August 2009 (4 years) responsible for:

Teaching and Learning
ICT – Innovation and Communication (MLE implementation)
Web development coordinator
Delivering Vocational Education
Working with external providers
Developing SoL and resources

Sheffield Hallam University (2001-2005):

I trained to be a teacher at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU). I loved every second, mastering my teaching repertoire in 2 teaching placements in and around South Yorkshire. It wasn’t easy, but it was certainly memorable… How times have changed! e.g. I don’t have to set up a projector before each lesson in a different room!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hmmm…looks very familiar all this text. Should I take it as a compliment?

    • It’s definitely a compliment. And I honestly never thought you’d read it. But I’m pleased you have. You completely inspired me to actually start blogging rather than just “evaluating blogging platforms”. Until I came across problems with the “morning after” WP theme it actually looked even more like your blog until Friday afternoon. Couldn’t seem to get all my posts appearing on the front page. Decided to give this theme a try instead. I’ve had a twitter account for 4 years and wanted to really see how blogging could improve my own CPD and grow my PLN. So far so good. In 3 weeks there’s been 270 views and i’ve acquired 56 followers to the new @DTtoolkit account. Any chance of a RT to boost that? B-)

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