Assessment – a bit nearer…

Interesting views on life without levels and new assessment models.

Love Life, Love Learning

In common with all schools we have been going through the process of devising an assessment system following the decision to discontinue levels at Key Stage 3. In the beginning we lamented the loss of levels mostly, it turned out, because we were in a sort of collective haze of disbelief and worry about how we could deal with this enormous task but we soon got over ourselves. When something big and new is required, I have a tried and tested process: outwardly ignore; meanwhile think about the issue at hand – turn it over as I go about my daily routine, chew it over when I swim causing me to lose count of the lengths I have done; talk to colleagues; research (of course, my go-to place for research is now the generous cyber space that is Twitter) – find out as much as I can about the issue…

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Curriculum reform: have your say on DT


So what do you make of the Consultation on reform of the National Curriculum?

How will the proposed reform impact the DT curriculum?

Please comment below if you have any strong feelings or suggestions as to how our subject could be improved within this consultation process.

You can find the full National Curriculum consultation framework document here.

The Programme of Study for Design and Technology is included on p156.

The deadline for responses to the consultation is 16 April 2013. The final version will be introduced in September 2014.