Redesigning Classrooms: Spreading and Embedding the SOLO Taxonomy

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In this set of posts about redesigning classrooms I want to look at some of the changes that teachers can incrementally make to their classrooms that may over time transform their practice.  The first post about the SOLO Taxonomy can be found here:

Redesigning Classrooms: Using SOLO to Increase Challenge

Produced by Pam Hook (@arti_choke) Produced by Pam Hook (@arti_choke)

SOLO first appeared as part of our CPD programme a number of years ago and all staff are familiar with it, however, a number of staff have started taking the use of the SOLO Taxonomy to new levels, spreading and embedding its use as they go.  One of the interesting dimensions of the work is how staff are using the SOLO Taxonomy with students and explicitly developing their understanding of it and how to use it to increase the depth of the work they are doing.  This post is a series of short inputs…

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Why we *must* teach skills, not knowledge

Why we *must* teach skills, not knowledge.

via Why we *must* teach skills, not knowledge.

New revision aid


Check out my new “Padlet” to enhance engagement with revision and create a sense of ownership over it.

PiPad Build

Simply Amazing…PiPad! Genius

Michael K Castor


Two weeks before I had to leave for Maker Faire Bay Area 2013, I decided it was time I built an enclosure for the PiPad. I’d been helping a guy in the Shed Tech Support queue that needed some help with his Maker Faire project, and thought “You know, I want a Maker Faire project too.” Crazy – right? I had all the parts, so really the only thing holding me back until this point was a deadline. According to Parkinson’s Law “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion” so at two weeks, I didn’t have much time for expansion. I started on some conceptual CAD work for the project before so I had a *slight* idea of what I was doing.

Design Goals:
I like simplistic, functional design. I don’t like extra crap that doesn’t do anything and I enjoy fun, hidden features. I…

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Healthy eating adds £1,460 to annual food bill of family of four

Exactly how fresh is the food we buy? Not as fresh as you might think

Is plastic food packaging dangerous?

Is plastic food packaging dangerous?

DTtoolkit site


Check out the new DTtoolkit website for sharing and improving your resources. If you have a brilliant DT resource you’ve found/created please feel free to share on this site. I hope to develop a resource to benefit the whole subject, not just a few areas. I will be uploading some of my own “useful” resources I’ve found over the next few weeks so keep checking back for updates.

If you take a resource, please think about uploading one too. Resource creation is time consuming, but the more resources we get uploaded the more this site will grow and continue to become useful to people.

Click here to submit a resource to the DTtoolkit site.


Question Fans

Fantastic little resource, might have a go at making my own.


My ex-colleague, @JaninLincoln first came up with the idea of the Question Fan about 3 years ago. She put together a set of question stems to fit with each section of Bloom’s taxonomy, moving from questions devised to increase knowledge through to others intended to build comprehension, application and eventually, evaluation.

We then had these stems printed on to card, using a different colour for each type of question stem. The only option then was to manually cut then out, punch holes in each one and attach them all together with an old school treasury tag. This was a tortuous process for which many thanks are due to our admin staff. However, the resulting fans, which were given out to Lincolnshire Heads of English at one of our termly Subject Leader Development Meetings, were very well received.

With this positive reception in mind, we were keen to find a way…

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Class Tech Tips

I use Gmail for my personal email account and it is great in the classroom too. I have students send work they completed on their iPads (this works with PCs too) to a teacher Gmail account I set up in September.  Each student uses the same student Gmail account to send their work to me (I’ve set up each student’s iPad to send and receive emails from the same account).

So that’s two gmail accounts: 1. My teacher gmail account, 2. One student email address that all of the students use to send their work

If students write their name in the subject line of the email it makes it easy to search through my old emails for all of the work they have sent me that year.  Using Gmail’s search function, I can type in a student’s name and it pulls up all of the work that child has…

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