Nutritional analysis poll…what software do you use?

What software does your school use?

Having used various forms of nutritional analysis software I feel I have enough experience to say that they are all very similar and will produce very similar results. However, some are definitely more user friendly. The two I have most experience with are FOOD4PC and Food In Focus 2. Food in focus 2 is a custom made piece of software and is far easier for students to use. It does have significant limitations i.e. the lack of ability to print exactly the information you want, but a print screen workaround makes this reasonably easy to accomplish.

Personal rating:

FOOD4PC: 3/5


See images below:

Food technology peer assessment

I have seen many examples of peer assessment with DT, but recently I visited a partner school and found this useful document and I sought permission to share it. I have adapted it to be used with KS3, but originally it was for KS4 peer assessment.

If you find it useful please leave a comment/rating and let me know how you get on.

Food Technology Peer Assessment NEW GCSE (KS4) Talwayseb - Word 2007

Food Technology Peer Assessment NEW (KS3) Talwayseb - Word 2007

I have used it to great effect with Y9’s & 10’s predominantly.

Controlled Assessment – Assessment Resource

DT Controlled Assessment Marking Talwayseb - Word 2007

I’ve had this document as a photocopy from AQA for sometime and have finally got around to digitizing it to share for other users. It is an aid to marking controlled assessment for any AQA DT specification. Please feel free to leave a comment if its been useful for you.

1st proper blog…@DTtoolkit

After years of deliberation and experimentation, I’ve decided to start an @DTtoolkit teaching blog. I just want to see what happens.

I have taken inspiration from @TeacherToolkit. If I have even half the success of him I will be a very happy DT teacher.

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